The Gangland

A giant land filled with rock and dirt and empty buildings. The gangland is a dangerous place. Every step you take could be into the turf of a gang or in the sights of the robot hitsquads.

The sun burns. This is the mutant gangland.


Freed from robot labour camps by top boss Prima, the mutants form dangerous gangs around the wasteland. With each mutant being born with different powers, their gangs have a variety of threats. The monstrous topdoggs will rip your face off while others fire their rockets at you. When they don't fight for turf they smoke weed and make beautiful paintings.


Having been detached from their former masters, the robots roamed the wasteland for decades long without purpose. When mutant riots destroyed their robot factories, their new goal was to simply ensure their survival. Now the robots sent out hit gangs into the wasteland to destroy any mutant walking outside the camps.


Prima is the boss of mutant gang Triskulls, which is the highest-ranked among all mutant gangs. She's famous among robots and mutants for being the first mutant to ever escape the work camps and instigating the mutant revolution. Her armour is made from the first robot she took out and she now fights battles with an iron fist and a Hyper Hammer.


The head of the deadliest robot hitsquad, Signal is a former telecommunications robot with the highest record of scouring the ganglands (408 years) in search of mutants to kill. Its specialty: Mutant Gangbosses. With its modified sentient Lazor Snipor rifle, Signal can take out targets from miles away. It's also able to send out coded messages which no other robot can receive, making this ability useless and sad but still really cool.


Buzzmaw is the boss of the Buzzcut crew and an avid collector of guns (which he considers victory medals). He enjoys battles and is known to start gang wars just to test out new weapons. One time he was shot in the face with a shotgun. This cost him his eye and forced him to retreat, a defeat he is constantly reminded of by other gangs. It pisses him off.


Where other robots are quiet, Killchip makes sound! Probably the noisiest robot in the gangland, Killchip is a former speaker system turned gang lord, armed with two stick it uses to club mutants to death. Its always-on chiptune music glitch annoys the other robots, so Killchip works alone. Also: its head seems to be a giant key but nobody knows for what.